Certified Senior Advisors

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Tight Ship Advisors (TSA) work directly with seniors and their loved ones to create a safe and efficient environment that preserves the individual’s autonomy and creates security around their home & lifestyle.  As a tech enabled concierge service, each Certified Senior Advisor® is an extension of that senior’s existing wealth and/or legal advisor.  By working directly with the senior to keep the business of home & health running smoothly while overseeing the flow of information between CFA, CPA, lawyer and family through the TSA Dashboard, Wealth Management can now offer a solution to their senior clients as well as clients whose parents may need an extra layer of security & assistance.

POSITION OVERVIEW: Each Certified Senior Advisor® will provide a variety of services & advice to the individual around the areas of daily money management/budgeting, bill pay, Medicare/insurance, organization & lifestyle.  These activities may include creating a household budget, identifying opportunities for financial or household efficiencies, estimating housing costs, evaluating Medicare/Insurance spending, home/file organization, communication with CPAs, lawyers, CFAs or other vendors.  As each individual is unique – each engagement will be equally their own.

Upon hire, the Advisor will be given 75 days to complete and pass the Certified Senior Advisor® (CSA) certification at the expense of TSA.


  • Conduct in-home meetings on a regular basis or on a predetermined schedule dictated by the agreed Statement of Work.
  • May require hospital/facility visits as the needs of the individual change over time.
  • Conduct a Comprehensive Client Profile Assessment of each client to identify opportunities for assistance & an overall care plan with client’s input.
    • May include cash flow statement monitoring
    • Changes to vendors or negotiation of costs on their behalf
    • Regular communication with family, legal, financial or trusted advisors to update information for their benefit of the individual
  • Implements and monitors care plans, while coordinating resources with ancillary services.
  • Provides information and referrals to the individual & their trusted advisors/loved ones. 
  • Will communicate & document  issues of safety and security immediately to the proper authority or trusted advisor.
  • Maintain detailed records of all activities in the client files.  
  • Maintains CSA certification through regular meetings garnering CE credits (15 per year).  
  • Attends scheduled staff meetings.



  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA) from four-year college or university
    • Experience with insurance & finance preferred but not essential
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite & Google Apps
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • All employees are subject to a background check
  • Clean driving history, current driver’s license and access to a vehicle
  • Experience within eldercare industry preferred but not required


Job Type: Part Time, approx 15-20 hrs p/week, hourly pay, company employee


Please submit CV & cover letter to [email protected]


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