Chicago Furniture Bank

As people age, they often need to downsize their belongings to adjust to their new way of life, but don’t want to throw these items away. Many of these possessions are still in usable condition, and many have a lot of sentimental value. This can make it difficult to part with these items, and it is even more painful when these items are taken to the dump because seniors and their families aren’t aware of all their options, such as nonprofit furniture banks.

Many people do consider donating items. However, since COVID, Goodwill has stopped accepting furniture donations and Salvation Army has dramatically reduced the territory they will pick up donations from. Even if a family can locate a charitable option that will pick up their furniture, most won’t enter the home to move the furniture, requiring the senior or their family to haul the heavy furniture to the curb themselves, which often is not possible to do. Ultimately, many seniors and their families end up resorting to calling a for-profit junk removal company that takes the items to the dump because they think there is no other alternative.

Fortunately, there is a solution: the nonprofit organization, the Chicago Furniture Bank. At the Chicago Furniture Bank, we offer a junk-removal service where we provide the same fast and effective service as for-profit junk removal companies and will pick up anything and everything, but we carefully sort through and reuse everything we collect. All furniture is used by the Chicago Furniture Bank to furnish the homes of families leaving poverty, all proceeds collected are what fund Chicago Furniture Bank’s home-furnishing mission, and all other usable items are given for free to other nonprofit organizations for free so they can put them to good use.

Choosing Chicago Furniture Bank keeps these items out of the landfill and gives families and seniors peace of mind knowing their beloved belongings are transforming the lives of the less fortunate. Additionally, since Chicago Furniture Bank offers the only non-profit junk-removal, all fees are tax deductible.

If you are interested in learning more about the Chicago Furniture Bank’s junk-removal service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brett Kube, Vice President of Business Development via email at or by phone at (773)-485-1026.