Help Someone You Love Apply for Social Security and More

Sharing is caring. This Valentine’s Day, take time to remind your loved ones that Social Security helps people in all stages of life.

New Resource Helps Case Managers Articulate Their Value

Case Management in healthcare has a track record of bringing value to all stakeholders, yet there is increasing confusion as to the scope of the Case Manager’s role.

Recent Case Demonstrates Pitfalls of Getting Referrals From ALFs/ILFs

Post-acute providers need to keep sight of the fact that the healthcare industry is highly regulated as they pursue referrals from ALFs and ILFs.

20 Places in the Military with Asbestos Exposure & How Veterans Are at Risk

The brave men and women who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way while serving in our nation’s military were unaware that a hidden enemy lurked in nearly every setting, whether in battle, transport, or even their sleeping quarters. That enemy was asbestos, and while it didn’t cause immediate death, it slowly and quietly led to deadly asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Decades later, its relentless attack continues, and the death toll from military asbestos exposure continues to climb.

Chicago Furniture Bank: a Great Option When Downsizing

At the Chicago Furniture Bank, we offer a junk-removal service where we provide the same fast and effective service as for-profit junk removal companies.

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