At last we can reveal the un-secret truths of the mortgage brokerage business, especially as practiced by the highly un-secretive (and openly helpful) folks at 1st Eagle Mortgage in Northfield. Here’s everything you need to know when trying to get a home loan or refinance your mortgage, including answers to grilling questions.

What is a mortgage broker?

At 1st Eagle Mortgage, our mortgage brokerage acts as the middleman between you and potential lenders. To get you the best possible loan, we work with several banks to see who can offer you the best interest rate on a loan suited to your individual needs. Over the years, we’ve built up a stable of stable lenders (who rarely say “neigh”). Whoa!  We trust them to do their best for our clients. We’ll add that right now, interest rates are super-low so this is the perfect time to be applying for a home loan or refinancing.


Why should I use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker saves you all kinds of time and trouble, not to mention money, which we just mentioned. Instead of having to spend hours and hours looking for and applying for a loan, we’re happy to do it for you. 1st Eagle Mortgage reaches out to lenders we’ve known for years, who compete to give you most lowest, most competitive rate they can. Over the course of a 30-year fixed loan, even a rate savings of 1% can add up to saving thousands.


Why does 1st Eagle Mortgage soar above other home loan experts?

  • 25 years in the mortgage and refinancing business.
  • 22 lender relationships for more loan offers.
  • 1 single credit pull with acceptance of the score by all lenders so applying doesn’t hurt your score.
  • The best “yes” in the business customized to your needs.
  • Support of a trusted, caring North Shore team and family.
  • A loan for practically anyone, even if you’ve been bankrupt, gone through a foreclosure or had a short sale.

Want the low down on a low, low rate? Call 1st Eagle Mortgage at (847) 441-4116 today.  Or email:  Plus, check out our website for super-surprising offers.