Case Manager Value

The Value of Case Management

Case Management in healthcare has a well-documented track record of bringing considerable value to all major stakeholders, helping to ensure optimal outcomes for patients and their families while helping streamline care and finding efficiencies for providers. This is most clearly expressed in the Quintuple Aim, which is a value-based care model developed as an expansion of the Quadruple Aim in 2021, that serves as a framework focused on “quality-driven, patient- and family- centric care, rendered at the right time, at the right cost, with health equity at its core, by professionals who embrace the work.

The Challenge

Along with the massive and rapid growth of case management in healthcare, particularly during and since the COVID pandemic, has come increasing confusion for all industry stakeholders as to the nature, scope, and scale of the Case Manager’s role in healthcare delivery. In an effort to address this growing challenge and to provide clarity to the value Case Managers bring, the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and The Center for Case Management (C/CM) have pooled their resources and efforts to develop a Position Paper, which they released jointly in October of this year. As they state in the Foreword:

“Despite case management’s proven worth to the industry, it remains a necessity to quantify and qualify the profession’s value across stakeholder groups. The continuous growth of case manager positions has yielded an unparalleled opportunity; development of a position paper to inform all stakeholders of case management’s intrinsic worth.” (Fink-Samnick, 2023)

The Position Paper

The paper they produced, Communicating Your Value: The Case Manager’s Guide, stands as an extraordinary, information packed guide for Case Managers to articulate the contours of their role and their value in a variety of different healthcare settings and scenarios. Each section provides a clear, concise explanation of the Case Manager’s roles and responsibilities, and the value to the different stakeholder groups: Patient/Family, Organization, Colleagues, and the Community. This paper serves as a resource that any and every Case Management professional should have within ready reach at all times. It would also provide as beneficial reading for anybody in the healthcare industry who works directly with Case Managers as part of their healthcare delivery team, to better understand where they fit into the bigger picture and how their particular skills can be leveraged to improve delivery for all parties concerned.

Download the Paper Here

To download the full whitepaper, click here. Happy reading!