Caregiverlist, Inc.

At, we specialize in customizing caregiver training to match state requirements. is an informative new website that answers all the questions both Adult Children and Seniors ask when they need a solution for their care needs. allows individuals to share their caregiving experiences with others and to learn about the various care options, along with the costs for each, so they can best choose the road they would like to take. offers Caregiving career education and connections to senior care employers for those seeking to work as a Caregiver, as staffing needs are an on-going industry challenge.

Our Mission: Connecting Seniors With Quality Care Choices

We know that senior care is often something people do not want to talk about or think about, until it is actually needed. But we also know that just like a good insurance policy, both seniors and their families will weather the storm much better if a plan is in place. We will give you the tools to plan ahead and we will also give you the tools to implement a quality plan in an emergency situation. Our comprehensive Checklists and Quality Standards allow us to connect you with the right choice for your medical and financial situation.

Our Commitment

We are excited to build a community, a brand and a service that is of genuine and real value to millions of seniors and their families. We are committed to listening to your feedback and suggestions as we develop and upgrade the site. Our Surveys will gather your feedback on our Service Providers and our educational resources. We will continue to offer Industry Experts and interactive tools for you to communicate your needs and thoughts with each other and with us.