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Human Care Group

Human Care Group

Human Care manufacturers and provides mobility solutions for people with special needs. Our products strive to serve as a natural part of life for all users. Human Care was founded in 1993 and has since created a proud history within patient care. Our 25 years of experience is reflected in a broad selection of premium products offering high customer value and satisfying every customer need.

Our main product areas are Mobility Aids, Lifting Solutions, Healthcare Beds, and Convertible Chairs for people with reduced mobility.

Human Care’s convertible (Barton) chair is a no-lifting multifunctional device that helps health care professionals to perform their safe patient handling practices more efficiently and effectively, such as a transfer, reposition, transport and early mobilization of patients, resulting in improved patient safety and dignity, reduced work-related injuries, and reducing patient length of stay.

The Barton Chair/patient transfer system is covered by many Medicare beneficiaries and have helped improve the quality of life for the patient and their caregivers. The Barton chair is specifically for bedbound patients that are having difficulty being transferred from bed to chair. The Barton chair has been approved in the home and hospice setting since 2003.

Our headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia. In addition, we collaborate with distributors in more than 20 other countries.

For us safety, quality and usability are paramount. We constantly strive to safeguard and enhance the highest quality in all our products. In every detail, in every aspect, our products deliver what they promise.