Member Engagement

In the business of care centers, brand consistency is less about marketing and more about comfort. Loved ones want “peace of mind” and to know the assisted living facility they choose is trustworthy and understands their family needs.


According to Harvard professor Harold Zaltzman, 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious. So, when emotions come into play, chances are the customer is evaluating your brand on a different level: will they provide the right level of care? Will my loved one feel comfortable and safe in the space? Consider your customer journey: from the first website session to scheduling an in-person visit, will they associate your brand with the well-being of their family member?

Why is consistency important?

The Rule of 7 states consumers need to interact with a brand seven times before making a buying decision. From print advertisements to the in-person tour, are you creating a consistent brand experience? Are themes, color schemes, and fonts inline? Even if they may not be aware, the consumer expects the same experience across each of these mediums.

Seamless Experience

So how do we achieve consistency? Create a brand style guide and give your entire team access. This educates staff on how aspects of the brand can be used, and more importantly, how it should not be used. This translates to the use of colors, style, and fonts across all mediums. This should be used across all marketing and brand assets, including:

  • Digital experiences such as website, social media, and display advertising
  • Tangible collateral such as business cards, folders, and brochures
  • Immersive graphics such as directional signage, exterior signs, window wraps, and in some cases privacy vinyl

Keep Ahead of Competitors

Adult children visit as many as five different facilities before choosing a care giver. Being consistent provides a competitive edge. Imagine going to a store and shopping for something incredibly precious. You’ve visited three or four stores, and each has a similar layout and offerings. Thinking back, which will you go back to for a second look? Which store will you purchase from? Chances are the venue that made you feel the most comfortable.

You felt comfortable because each interaction you had, with multiple people, had the same level of messaging, quality of customer service, and voice. When you close your eyes, you can describe the color of the website. You can remember the way fonts look on the page, you recall the decal on the door. You may not realize it, but brand consistency translates to comfort. And comfort sells.

Tie Everything Together

That voice mentioned above that a care facility wants everyone to know and reflect isn’t about drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid, it is making sure the mission and values of the facility is represented and unilaterally known.